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iron man toys

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Tony Stark is the ultimate playboy bad boy gone good. Best known as just another Marvel comic book character for years, everything changed when the first Iron Man film landed in theaters. That movie revolutionized the world of comic books movies and made Iron Man one of the most iconic characters around. Kids love playing with Iron Man toys because those toys let them recreate their favorite moments from the movies. They can remind themselves of the time that Stark created the first Iron Man suit in the middle of the desert, or they can save the world from alien invaders like Stark did in The Avengers.

Iron Man toys now come in dozens of different types and designs. Younger kids will love the talking masks and costumes that let them become Iron Man, and older kids will love playing with the action figures. They'll even find some fun playsets that let them battle against the other Avengers, including Captain America, Hulk and Thor. LEGO now makes some great Iron Man toys that kids will spend hours building different models and replicas of famous scenes and sets from the movies.

There are even some toys designed for toddlers and younger children. These toys have larger bases that keep the toys from tipping over and bigger bodies that fit more comfortably in smaller hands. Depending on their age, some kids might even love sitting down with a board game or video game. The board games turn Iron Man into playing cards and figurines, while the video games let them save the world just like Sark did.

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